3 12, 2015

DIY gift ideas

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Petroleum (1)

1/ Wine Stopper

2/ Homemade Lip Balm

3/DIY Candle

This year I’m on a mission to get my holiday shopping done early. And early does not mean Christmas Eve. So for once I’ve given myself the luxury of planning ahead. One of the benefits of planning ahead is that you have time to not only order things but to make things! Here are a few fun and fabulous DIY gift ideas that your girlfriends are sure to love, and actually use! Anyone can buy something, but taking the time and energy to make something adds a new layer of love to any gift. Happy crafting!



28 11, 2015

Monogram gift ideas

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Monogram gift ideas

1/cheeseboard  2/bracelet  3/glass   4/ clutch

Maybe it’s cause I recently got married, but I’m having a serious monogram moment. I love how a monogram can personalize even the most simple gifts. Here are a few of my favorite monogram gift ideas from around the web for those difficult to shop for friends! Happy shopping :)



8 09, 2015

A teeny tiny ikea hack

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Sometimes a super small thing can make a big impact. In this case it was a 3 dollar piece of plastic from IKEA. If you have a dog then you will completely get it, if not you may think I’m crazy. BUT this leash hanger has streamlined our lives much beyond it’s small price tag! Lets’ just say that if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard my husband yell “hey babe where’s the leash?!” I would have many many dollars. You see, dog leashes are like socks and bobby pins, they have a mystical way of disappearing, and it’s never your fault. SO when I saw this adorable hook at IKEA I had to get it. Problem was the colors were a little “out there”. Hot pink doesn’t quite match my entry decor. So I did my usual thing- spray painted that sucker gold. And voila! A SUPER simple SUPER inexpensive and SUPER awesome IKEA hack!

thank you letters-15

thank you letters-12


thank you letters-11

Yep, it’s still the little things!

love and candy,