6 01, 2015

Stir things up at your next party

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drink stir-12

In one of the (many) wedding magazines I’ve drooled on over the past few months on I spotted some custom drink stirrers and fell in total lust with them. I’m a sucker for personalized details- especially at a wedding! It’s the one time you can shamelessly slap your initials on just about everything. So I started looking around at the prices for said personalized drink stirrers and got some serious sticker shock. Shelling out hundreds of dollars for mini sticks of wood is just not in the budget. So I looked for a less expensive DIY option.

First I hunted down “Stampable” drink stirrers. I found some bamboo ones here that were less than $20 for 500! Hello steal. I ordered those right up and then made some stamps in Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t have illustrator you could also use Adobe Photoshop or even Microsoft word, just might take a little more effort to get the sizes correct. I made two stamps, one with a “K”, for the shameless initial part, and the other a fox, which is a nod to the history of our venue and part of our wedding theme. When all the supplies arrived I put on a few episodes of Law & Order and stamped my life away.

drink stir

drink stir-6

drink stir-11

drink stir-9

To do about 400 it only took about two hours, or as I measured it, two episodes. The round K stamp was much faster because it was self inking and lined up right over the drink stirrer. The fox was a little trickier because I had to ink it and try to line it up evenly each time.

drink stir-2

drink stir-3

drink stir-10

drink stir-5

drink stir-8

I love the way they turned out and plan to put these guys in gold containers on the bars at the wedding, and maybe in our signature drinks.

love and candy,


crafting note:: When the bamboo sticks arrivedthere were some that were cracked andwarped, so plan accordingly when you order. I would allow for about 50 wasted ones between bad stamping skills and wood issues.

1 01, 2015

2014 Things I learned in 2014

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photo 4

Just kidding. Only 3. If you’re still reading this after that blog title, I applaud you. 2015 was a kick ass year. I got engaged to my bestie Steverino, got a promotion, became an Aunt, and had some ridiculously cool adventures at home and abroad. Here are a few lessons that I learned along the way:

  1. Balance is a unicorn,  a beautiful but mythical creature. I tried really hard this year to find balance. Balance between career and family, time alone and time with friends, blogging and wedding planning, regiment and spontaneity. I spent a lot of energy trying to find that perfect “balance” between it all. For a week or so I would think I had it. Balance was: Working out three times a week, Tuesdays nights for crafting, Thursday night girls night, Friday night date night, Saturday out on the town, Sunday for catching up on blogging housework  family time, etc.. For a week it would be great, and then the next week something would come up and it would all go to hell. I finally  realized that there isn’t one formula for balance, because things are always changing. The right balance one week may not work the following week or ever again. Maybe I have to work late one night and can’t make it to the gym, a friend needs someone to talk to, or maybe I feel like hibernating for a few days at home.  Instead of trying to force my life into a formula, I’m learning to go with the flow.
  1. It’s about the journey. Goal setting is fun. The sky’s the limit and there’s a rush of exhilaration that goes along with setting lofty goals. Last year I thought I would blog daily. I thought I would set monthly resolutions and keep the New Year momentum going all year. It worked for a while, probably about half the year, but then I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. It became a task, a chore that had to be completed. It was adding stress to my life. And if I know one thing, it’s that stress sucks. Stress is the ultimate swear word in my book. So I sat back and started asking myself not what I was doing, but why I was doing things. I started this blog because I loved to create, to write, to share. But when I started putting all of these constraints on myself it took the joy out of it. Realizing this, I loosened the reins on myself and took a break. It was hard to do, I felt antsy at first, but then it felt good. When I started up again, it was once again fun, I was enjoying the journey again. As I look towards goals for next year, they will be based around this joy for the process, not just end results.
  1. Quality over Quantity. This continues to apply to most things in life, including candy and clothes. This year I related it to relationships. Simply put, time is the hottest commodity. We can’t make more of it, and there will never be enough to go around. In my hunt for the balance unicorn, I realized how important quality time is. It’s not necessarily spending every night with your friends or family, but it’s making those interactions meaningful. Does this mean I’m going to stop going to bars and only have deep solo conversations with people? Don’t be silly. It just means that I have come to really treasure my close relationships and want to continue to invest the quality time in them to grow them.

Wishing you a safe and sparkly New Year’s!

love and champs,


14 12, 2014

Merry and Bright: Free Download Holiday Print!

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You guys, this may very well be the easiest and most inexpensive holiday craft of the year!  If you want your very own giant poster of fun for less than $4 just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download my design (for free hooray!) here. [wpdm_package id=’4210′]
  2. Upload it to Staples Copy & Print
  3. Order an Engineering Print in B& W, 24 x 36
  4. Write your own holiday message
  5. Frame it (optional) and hang it!

And that’s really all you need to know.

BUT if you want more details or are just trying to pass some time at the office, read on.


The inspiration for this project was “disposable decorating” driven by my lack of storage in my loft. Basically I have no room to store things so I wanted to make holiday décor that I could throw away after  the holidays or store easily. Enter engineer prints. In case you haven’t heard of this magical thing that is an engineer print, I’m going to tell you all about it. For just a few dollars you can get massive black and white prints made at Staples. You just go to their website and upload your photo or design, select what size you want and you can usually pick it up in the store the next day. They probably also ship, but it might be more expensive than the print!  I had experimented with engineer prints prior with good results and decided that it would also be handy for some holiday cheer.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the design, saved it as a .jpg and ordered away. The next day I picked it up at Staples along with some gold sharpies which I used to add color in some of the dots and write “merry and bright”. The paper is super thin so you can stick it directly to a wall if you want to. I ended up finding a really good deal on a poster frame on Amazon (here is the one I used) so I framed it and stuck it up on the wall. When the holidays are over I plan on making a new print to replace it with. Hooray for seasonal and affordable art!


std-15 If you are done with your holiday decorating, this could also make a cute happy birthday sign to post on your co-workers cubicle, or a place to write your favorite quote or lyric. The sky’s the limit!


love and candy,