I will start out by saying that I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea. Love the prices and convenience- hate how generic it is and how everyone has the same pieces. In fact, I bought a throw pillow there in college and when I was there a few months ago they were still selling the same pillow. Depressing! Then there’s the headache of assembly and the dreariness of shopping in a warehouse. And despite all of this I still find myself at Ikea every time I move!

Needless to say I am the perfect candidate for Ikea hacks– someone who isn’t too snobby to have Ikea in their home, but wants something more unique. Enter My Overlays; a company who creates fantastic overlays for furniture for a complete facelift. It’s amazing what a simple piece of plastic can do to bring life to a piece of furniture. As soon as I saw the photos on the website I placed an order. Here is what my Ikea Hack adventure looked like!



button bling-6


button bling-4

This was such a fun and easy project. Happy hacking!

love and candy,