blackout curtain-3

blackout curtain-2

This is our bright, little, bedroom. I love light and bright living spaces. Whenever I put a list together of housing must haves, light is at the top. Bright spaces just make me happy. It is one of the things that sold me on our current loft. Skylights, huge windows, lots of light. Perfection. Except when we are trying to sleep in! I love light but I also value my sleep. We do have white curtains on the large windows but the light still penetrates them and shines right into our bedroom area. Not cool. So I decided to finally take action and build a curtain fortress to block the rays from disturbing our slumber. I bought some fabric from the fabric district and pulled out the trusty sewing machine. Making a curtain is pretty easy- hem around all the edges, and then make a larger hem at the top with open sides for the rod to go through. The hard part here was the sheer amount of fabric I had to deal with to cover the eleven feet tall by four feet wide space. Thankfully along with light our loft also provides open spaces perfect for measuring and chalking fabric.

blackout curtain-5

blackout curtain-4

The other positive is that it’s so huge that it hides any imperfections quite well! After a lot of sewing I simply added a tension rod and boom- instant dark(er)ness.

blackout curtain-7

Super happy with this 15 dollar fix!

love and candy,