…you kept those old Crayola crayons around? Turns out they are all you need to turn a plain white candle into a fun wow candle!


In case you missed my first candle making adventure, you can read about it here. To add color I just grated up a crayon into the wax before melting it down. How easy is that? The one difficult part is trying to figure out what the final color will be when the wax dries. This candle is the result of one bright orange crayon. When the wax was melted it looked bright and dark but the dried result looks almost pinkish. I kind of like the salmon-esque color so no biggie, but if you are planning on making a matching accessory, test a small amount of wax before you commit. Worst case, you can always melt the wax back down and add more color!

colored candles

colored candles-3

love and candy,