And the candle frenzy continues! I’ve been thinking of DIY Christmas gift ideas and decided to try my hand at deliciously scented holiday candles. I hunted for festive candle jars and came across some bright red ramekins at a great price. Small glasses or mugs would also work and you could probably thrift some cool items if you have the time. For supplies I used soy wax, medium wicks and some really yummy scents. The scent oils are the most expensive supply but are so worth it. Use about 1 ounce per candle to get a strong but not overpowering scent. ¬†Once you gathered all the ingredients just melt your wax, add your scent oil, place your wick, pour and let dry! The result is a candle that will have your home smelling great for the holidays!

candle ramacan-6

candle ramacan

candle ramacan-2
candle ramacan-3

candle ramacan-4

love and candy,