vase candle title

Upcycling is where it’s at. When I get flowers in vases I get sentimental and never want to throw them away. Instead they sit in the cupboard until I eventually toss them or occasionally actually use them for flowers.  I’ve gathered quite the collection, so I was glad that I finally go to put one to good use. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m admittedly obsessed with making candles these days. I blame it on the giant 5 pound bag of wax I accidentally ordered. That’s a lot of candles begging to be made!  The vase I chose to make into a candle is large but not huge- so I still only used one wick. If you use a larger vase you will probably need a longer burning wick or two so that it can handle all the wax. I followed the same process I did here, but had to get creative with a bag clip to keep the wick straight because it didn’t come past the mouth of the vase.

vase candle-5 vase candle-3 vase candle-2

This one has a new home on our coffee table so I can stare at it while we work on our Breaking Bad marathon!

love and candy,