I had so much fun playing with gold flakes this weekend. You can buy them on amazon for just a few dollars and the crafting options are endless! I had an old frame from my college days and altough I love my sorority, I’m getting a little old to have aphi decor in my place! First I painted it black and let the paint dry. Then I mixed up modge podge with the gold flakes and spread the mixture all over the frame. It paints on white but when it dries you have a cool vintage gold flake thing going. The more flakes you mix in, the more gold!

gold dust

gold dust-2

gold dust-4

I had some mixture left over, so looked around for what else I could bling out. I had some plain candle stick holders so I gave it a go. Once again just slather it on, let dry, and enjoy! gold dust-3

gold dust

gold dust-2-2

Gold flaking is where it’s at. Perfect for holiday decorating too!

love and candy,