It’s no secret that I enjoy a good glass of Cabernet (or Pinot, or Merlot, or.. you get the picture) and I’ve been looking for a way to recycle my growing collection of corks. I love how each cork is unique in color and texture- so much character in such a small and common item. Way too cool to just toss out, so after some Pinterest browsing I decided to make a cork letter. This is an easy project that you can complete all at once or build on over time- and wine! Check it out after the jump.


1. Corks: Collect a bunch of em by indulging in the wine yourself, buying the corks, or asking restaurants or wineries for donations.

cork letter-2

2. Letter Backing: Buy or make a letter of your size and choice. I bought mine online here.

cork letter

3. Adhesive: I chose the hot glue gun method but because corks are lightweight I am sure there are a variety of mediums that would work.

cork letter-5

4. Paint (optional): I chose to paint my letter with a light gloss. You could go bold and paint it a bright color, or even paint your corks for some extra pizzazz.

5. Wine (also optional): it just felt right!

cork letter-4

Gather the supplies, lay out the corks and get gluing! And if you are like me and are (way) short on corks- you now have a crafty excuse to indulge! ;)

cork letter-6

 love and candy,