2012 photo a day-9

As mentioned here, last year I took a photo (almost) every day using Instagram. I knew I wanted to make an album with all of the photos but wasn’t sure on the format. Although I love handmade albums, with 365 pictures to organize and print it would have been a large and expensive endeavor. Once I decided on digital I checked out a couple of print options.  I knew I wanted a square album to preserve the Instagram feel and that I needed something on the smaller end because of the not-so-great resolution of the photos. I found some sites such as Printstagram that uploads photos directly from Instagram but unfortunately they limit their books to 50 photos.  Other sites like Keepsy offer more pages, but not square albums. Even the Blurb Instagram book  had page and design limits that would just not do. Thankfully Blurb has their ever handy design your own option and I was able to customize the right format.Check out the results after the jump!

2012 photo a day-11

2012 photo a day-6

2012 photo a day-2

2012 photo a day-4

At first I wanted a single photo per page but it was price and size prohibiting so I compromised and made one side of the spread a single shot and the other a grid. The only page I changed up the format on was for my sister’s wedding which got double single photo privileges!

2012 photo a day-13

2012 photo a day-14

I’m super pleased with the way it turned out with one small exception- the cover photo got cut off! So my album will now live on as Year 201! Let’s call it character.


I’m excited to repeat the project with my 2013 photos and start a coffee table collection!

love and candy,