DIY Collar result

Have you ever had a sweater that you just love and then it rips or gets a stain and you just don’t want to part with it? This Zara sweater (2) was so comfy that when the collar ripped I just couldn’t stand to throw it away. So I held on to it determined to come up with a way to recycle it. I hit up the fashion district with some friends and found this floral collar (1) ┬áthe perfect fix and it cost less than a dollar! Next I simply applied fusible web (3) and cut it to fit the back of the collar (4). After a short iron session (5) the new collar was on and the sweater was saved (6)!

collar DIY

This was a super easy way to fix an imperfection or just give your wardrobe a mini makeover. I will definitely be on the search for fun collars to add to future tops.

DIY fusible collar

 love and candy,