To be fair, this is kind of a repeat resolution- but I’m cool with that .I did this last year with some success. The main problem was my lack of organization. Yes, I think I took a photo almost every day- but without researching I have no clue which photo was “photo of the day” and what date it was taken; fail. So, to make things super easy for myself, I am labeling each photo as I go this year. If you follow me on Instagram then you already knew this! I am using the “Labelbox” app on my iphone (it’s free!) to write the date on each photo as I go. That way, come January 2014, I can easily sort and assemble my pictures into an album. A year is a long learning curve so I hope this works out! Meanwhile, wish me luck as I suffer through assembling my 2012 album, gulp.

love and candy,