March was kind of a doozy because I was gone half of the month! I did stick to the no soda resolution 100%- go me! But the stretching… yeah. That didn’t really pan out. Turns out that fifteen minutes is a loong time to stretch! But no excuses,  I flat out failed to stretch for most of the second half of the month. But on to the next!


This month it’s yes to a beauty regime and no to shopping (eek). When I say beauty regime I really just mean taking care of my skin and coming up with some sort of daily routine. I’ve been pretty lucky that my skin up to now has been low maintenance, but those oh-so-fun wrinkles are starting to creep in. So I’ll be doing some research, and trying out some new face products to see if I can’t delay that a little longer.

Then there’s the no shopping part. That’s gonna be a toughie- but that’s what resolutions are about right? I have to admit I love online shopping and I tend to buy things on the fly. Hopefully by taking a month off I will be more mindful about spending and really think through what I need or want instead of buying things on a whim. I also really need to do a closet spring clean before I buy any more clothes- this could be a good time to do it!

love and candy,