The February resolution list has arrived! This month it’s no to fried food and yes to running a mile a day. I don’t eat a lot of fried foods but let’s just say I’m known for my motto “Fries save Lives”. No french fries::  sigh :: at least it’s a short month! As far as running goes, well it usually doesn’t. I can barely eek out a mile before I am doubled over. Embarrassing, I know. A lot of people do the mile a day thing between Thanksgiving and New Years and I have been wanting to try it but never got up the courage. So here I am, a little late to the game but up to the challenge. Three days in and feeling good about it. I won’t lie and say I love it but I’m still hoping that one of these runs I will get that runner high and suddenly be hooked on running. Fingers crossed!

love and candy,