May is a solid month. Some months rock because they contain big holidays, but May is just awesome on it’s own. The weather is warm but not too warm. Summer is on the brain but Spring is in the air. The year is in full swing, but still more than half way full. Yep, I like you May. And I like these resolutions I came up with too.

This month it’s yes to sleeping eight hours a night, and no to eating out. I know sleep is important but despite our best efforts it always ends up at the bottom of the totem poll of priorities, and I always end up sleep deprived.  Zombie mornings are no bueno. So this month I’m going to focus on getting some solid shut eye and see how that feels. I’ve got high hopes of waking up bright eyed and ready to conquer the day- but I’ll believe it when/if I see it!  Then there is the no eating out portion of the resolution. Steve and I love to eat out together, and rely on it as a back up plan when we are too lazy busy to cook. This one will be a real challenge,  but that’s what resolutions are about. Goodbye take out and hello to home cooked meals. But don’t worry about me too much- if all else fails, I have instant Mac n Cheese on hand!

PHOTO BOOTH love and candy,