I’m so obsessed with our little fluff ball! We were at Stagecoach this weekend and I missed her so much. I’ve heard of crazy cat ladies and f I’m not careful I might put crazy dog lady on the map!  But seriously, that face ^^


This little pup loves adventuring around dtla, especially when she gets to chase birds. Or leaves. Or anything that moves- she’s not picky. She even chases after large dogs, until they try to play or chase her back.  Then she runs between my legs and hides until they start walking away, and then starts chasing them again. Textbook Napoleon complex. So bossy. 


These are some shots Steve snapped at Grand Park just a few blocks from teh pad. Fun to have green space in downtown. Just hanging out with the fam in the park with some sunshine. Blessed. And yes, three weeks later and I still have pink streaks in my hair from India. Oops.


love and candy,