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Growing up I had a love-hate relationship with road trips. When I was a kid road trips meant long hours in confined spaces smashed up against luggage and siblings. Inevitably a fight would break out in the car, usually over something really important like whose turn it was to use the discman or who ate all the pretzel sticks. But even amongst the chaos  (of which there was a lot!) road trips grew on me. I loved the quality time with family and the flexibility and freedom to stop, go and explore as you please. Not to mention that during road trips eating candy, chips and fast food is basically mandatory.

Last weekend we went on a road trip up to the coast to San Francisco for my Grandma’s funeral. Even under the sad circumstances we managed to enjoy the ride, and made the most out of it. When you lose someone you love it reminds you of what’s important in life. You hug a little tighter, laugh a little louder. And we did just that.

We stopped in Carmel and visited Steve’s Aunt and Uncle. We got to take the puppy to her first beach- she went absolutely nuts in the sand! We laughed so hard as she pranced around and ran her little heart out. I wish there were more dog beaches in LA! After Carmel we went to SF and spent some time with old college friends.It always amazes me how you can not see certain people for ages and after a few minutes it’s like you’re back at the college dive bar.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the fam reminiscing on what an amazing woman my Grandma was. Even though I miss her terribly, I’m comforted that she lived such a full life and that she lives on in her large family and circle of friends. In fact, she loved road trips too- maybe that’s a part of her that lives on in me. Miss you Nina.

love and candy,