Scotch Expressions

Washi tape is all the rage right now, and what’s not to love- it’s fun, colorful, and you can use it in so many ways. Even though I have quite the collection of it I can’t resist picking up new colors and patterns when I find them. So when I was at Staples last week and saw Scotch “expressions” tape for the first time I had to pick some up. I was intrigued with the concept of a washi-esque Scotch tape. It’s basically a tape/washi hybrid- the texture is like regular tape but it comes in fun colors and designs like washi. I like that it’s stickier than washi, so it’s more useful for wrapping presents or sticking up notes. On the negative side, it doesn’t have the fun texture of washi, and the colors are more translucent. My favorite part of Expressions is that they fit on any scotch tape dispenser which makes it super easy to apply and store!

Scotch Expressions-2

Scotch Expressions-3

Have you tried Scotch Expressions? What did you think?

love and candy,