Happy birthday to me! I woke up today not feeling old or different- just super thankful and excited. Sooo much good stuff has happened in my twenties, and I can’t wait to see what the thirties have in store.

In honor of the big 3-0 I jotted down a list of 30 of the most influential things that happened in my 20s! In no particular order..

  1. Added a puppy to our pack – shout out to #rieslingorc! (in case she’s reading this)
  2. Moved to Santa Monica
  3. Moved to Downtown LA
  4. Moved BACK to Santa Monica- like a week ago
  5. Traveled to around 20 countries
  6. Traveled to 6 continents (Antartica I’m coming for you!)
  7. Became an Aunt!
  8. Started a blog
  9. Graduated from USC
  10. Graduated again from USC (grad school)
  11. Sold a lot of elevators
  12. Got a few promotions
  13. Fell in love with  yoga
  14. Explored and nurtured my creativity
  15. Got engaged to the man of my dreams
  16. Got married to the man of my dreams!
  17. Learned that I really love to learn
  18. Watched 13 Seasons of the Bachelor (okay so maybe this one wasn’t influential- but it’s a pretty impressive feat right?)
  19. Overcame FOMO
  20. Developed a love for photography (pun intended)
  21. Realized that life is about balance, not perfection
  22. Found my voice as a leader, and learned how to use it
  23. Discovered the value of quality over quantity. Clothes, friends, chocolate.. you name it, it probably applies!
  24. Got to really know myself and what makes me happy, motivated and fulfilled
  25. Realized that #24 may and will likely change, and that that’s okay
  26. Learned that sometimes people you care about can let you down
  27. Used #27 to become a stronger person who is less dependent on others for happiness
  28. Found a core group of dear friends who I hope to keep around forever
  29. Realized that you can have it all, if you have a clear picture of what “it all” is, and a road map of how to get there
  30. Resolved to take advantage of every minute of this wondrous adventure of life!

Cheers to you twenties. And cheers to new adventures that start with a 3!


 love and candy,