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In one of the (many) wedding magazines I’ve drooled on over the past few months on I spotted some custom drink stirrers and fell in total lust with them. I’m a sucker for personalized details- especially at a wedding! It’s the one time you can shamelessly slap your initials on just about everything. So I started looking around at the prices for said personalized drink stirrers and got some serious sticker shock. Shelling out hundreds of dollars for mini sticks of wood is just not in the budget. So I looked for a less expensive DIY option.

First I hunted down “Stampable” drink stirrers. I found some bamboo ones here that were less than $20 for 500! Hello steal. I ordered those right up and then made some stamps in Adobe Illustrator. If you don’t have illustrator you could also use Adobe Photoshop or even Microsoft word, just might take a little more effort to get the sizes correct. I made two stamps, one with a “K”, for the shameless initial part, and the other a fox, which is a nod to the history of our venue and part of our wedding theme. When all the supplies arrived I put on a few episodes of Law & Order and stamped my life away.

drink stir

drink stir-6

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To do about 400 it only took about two hours, or as I measured it, two episodes. The round K stamp was much faster because it was self inking and lined up right over the drink stirrer. The fox was a little trickier because I had to ink it and try to line it up evenly each time.

drink stir-2

drink stir-3

drink stir-10

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drink stir-8

I love the way they turned out and plan to put these guys in gold containers on the bars at the wedding, and maybe in our signature drinks.

love and candy,


crafting note:: When the bamboo sticks arrivedthere were some that were cracked andwarped, so plan accordingly when you order. I would allow for about 50 wasted ones between bad stamping skills and wood issues.