I don’t like seafood, but Steve taught me how to make homemade sushi and I have been digging my avocado and cucumber rolls. It can seem daunting but sushi making is actually super easy. Here is homemade sushi in ten steps.

1. Make the sushi rice (called sushi mesha). This is a special short grain rice that is sticky enough to hold the rolls together. This is the longest process abut easy if you follow the instructions. 2. Lay out your Nori (seaweed sheet) on a sushi roller. Moisten your fingers with water to prevent from sticking to the rice. 3 & 4. Take the rice and press and spread it along the Nori. Depending on how much rice you like you can only cover the bottom third, or the whole thing. 5. Chose and prep your fillings. 6. Lay your fillings across the bottom third of the rice covered Nori. 7. Use the sushi roller to fold the Nori over the fillings and then continue to roll the sushi like wrapping paper. To seal the roll put a little bit of water on the end of the Nori to help it stick closed 8. Slice your roll. Make sure to moisten the knife and cut gently to avoid smushing.

 9. Enjoy!

love and candy,