I don’t remember the last time I dined out alone at a restaurant. I’m sure I’ve done it before, but clearly it wasn’t very memorable.

So here I am solo on a work trip- in Vegas of all places- forced to eat alone among the masses. Here are my scattered thoughts on the topic after chowing down on some delicious Mexican fare- and perhaps a margarita. It is Vegas after all!


The pros and cons of dining alone:

Pro: Eat less chips because I’m painfully aware of the bottom of the basket growing near and there is no one else to blame

Con: End up eating more chips because I’m bored

Pro: Writing blog posts because no one is distracting me with mindless dinner table banter

Con: Writing blog posts because staring at my iPhone and typing fervently is less awkward than staring into space or at the people next to me. Or pretending to be enthralled with the Little League World Series. Who watches that anyway? Really ESPN?

Pro: Stares from people because I’m eating alone. “How liberating! She’s so independent!”

Con: Stares from people because I’m eating alone “how embarrassing! No friends at all!”

Pro: My server trying extra hard to chat with me because she thinks I’m a badass.

Con: My server trying extra hard to chat with me because she feels sorry for me.

In summary, awkward and liberting all at once. So, anyone free for dinner when I get back?

love and candy,