on cats

By |August 21st, 2013|Photography|

Warning to cat lovers: you may disagree with my views. Warning to my little sis Sarah: this post is in your honor, and you most definitely will disagree with my views :)


There is about negative zero risk that I will ever become a weird old cat lady. I may become a weird old lady- but cats just aren’t my thing. I did have one cat I loved growing up, but most others I have seen just want to be fed and left alone. Case in point: cat pictured above. Cedric, aka my little sister’s pride and joy. He may look harmless, maybe even cute…. and then you try to pet him…



Not so cute anymore are we Mr. cat?  All joking aside I have to admit that this cat is pretty awesome- just not as a cuddle buddy. I did get a kick out of photographing his amazing facial expressions though! Too funny.

love and cats,