Project 10/52: Easy Stud Earring DIY

By |April 9th, 2013|52 Projects, accessories, crafts|

Ever since my ring button adventure, I have been itching to try my hand at more jewelry making. The jewelry district is conveniently just a few blocks away so I trekked down there in search of inspiration. I didn’t have anything specific in mind which was a total rookie move. I ended up buying a bunch of random beads, findings and wire with no rhyme or reason. When I got home I was kind of overwhelmed with all the random purchases and trying to use them to create something cohesive. So I decided to start as basic as possible. I had some studs that I planned on using on a purse and realized they would also make fun earrings. So I took the bling and literally just glued them on to earring backings, and bent back the stud fasteners. Voila! Easy DIY stud earrings

DIY stud earrings Now that’s an easy DIY project!

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