Hump Day Inspo

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Happy Wednesday! It’s been a long week over here and I am anxiously awaiting the good ol’ weekend. Even though after a long day it can be tough, I am trying to take this time of year to be thankful for the many blessings in my life. Here are some links that I am thankful to have come across!

1. Jimmy Kimmel strikes again with a sequel to his hit viral video “I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy”. Cruel, yet hilarious.

2. Dancing through Life. Photographer Jordan Matter shows us beauty in the day to day by capturing dancers doing the mundane. Love this! Here is one of my favorites from the collection. Check out the rest at


Dancers Among Us: Photos of People Dancing Through Life dancers 6

3. Some Thanksgiving Inspo:  Just grab your vases, add miniature pumpkins and voila- insta-centerpiece! Bonus: they last a lot longer than flowers.

4. This sweater is a hoot.

5. Last but certainly not least, this weekend my Trojans take on the Bruins. Which also means it’s the one week of the year that I am living with the enemy (Steve went to UCLA!). We should probably get this flag (note that USC is rightfully on top!).  Here is an article that sums up USC’s superiority quite nicely. FIGHT ON!

House Divided Flag - USC vs. UCLA

 love and candy,