Our Easter

By |April 3rd, 2013|weekend round up|

easter-fun Even at 20 something I still get excited about all of the fun Easter traditions. In fact up until this year we have done Easter Egg Hunts every year even though all the kids are above 20! This year it was finally decided that we were too old- although personally, I think my sisters just  got tired of me winning every year ;). Even without the egg hunt, we still had a blast this Easter, even poor Steve who was feeling sick. Poor guy was on the couch most of the time with a bad stomach ache and low fever. When he turned down bacon at brunch I knew he was in really bad shape. He was a trooper though and even decorated an egg to look like someone who is holding their stomach in pain . It was adorbs.

After our lovely champagne brunch we got into some serious egg decorating. Each year my mom blows the yolk and whites out of some eggs  so that they are hollow and can be saved. We decorate the hollow eggs with dye, paint, pencils, sharpies or whatever else is at hand. We always chose at least one to write our name and the year on. Then each year she puts out  the old ones so we can see our creations over the years. A little walk down memory lane of Easter’s past. This one will be looked back upon fondly.

love and candy,