Project 24/52: DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

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Growing up my mom would get me and my sisters an advent calendar every year. At first we got the paper ones with little Christmas drawings behind each window. Then, once we were a little older she introduced the magical chocolate calendars. Chocolate for breakfast? Every child’s dream. Or at least mine! Even though it was a small thing and let’s face it, the chocolate tasted like chalk, the calendars brought us so much joy. Now as a twenty something I still can’t resist picking up advent calendars come end of November. It signals that Christmas is coming and reminds me to reflect on it each day of December. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned count down?

The other week I noticed that in addition to bringing out their holiday cups way too early, Starbucks was selling a cute magnetic advent calendar with tins containing treats. I almost bought it and then realized that I could easily make my own! I ordered tins and magnets from Amazon and got to crafting. First I glued the magnets on to the back of the tins.

diy advent calendar-8

diy advent calendar-7

Next I glued decorative paper on each lid so you couldn’t see the contents inside. To finish off, I placed number stickers on the lids to identify each day of the month.

diy advent calendar-5

diy advent calendar-6

Now you have your advent tins and can stick them on any magnetic surface.  My fridge is not magnetic so I had to get creative. Thankfully I had a magnetic board laying around which I covered with shiny paper and hung in our place with a ribbon.


diy advent calendar

diy advent calendar-2

diy advent calendar-4


The plan is for Steve and to each fill up half of the tins with little surprises and rotate opening each day. Excited for a fun new tradition! Is it December yet?

love and candy,