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hump day inspo 2.19.14

By |February 19th, 2014|hump day inspo, Life|



for the heart// ballerinas in the city

 for the closet// this tee shirt makes me smile

for the home// these DIY phone bookends would be so cute in my kitchen

for the hell of it// famous sculptures dressed like hipsters

love and candy,


Hump Day Inspo

By |June 5th, 2013|hump day inspo|

Happy Hump day to you and yours! Weeks after three day weekend weeks (did that make any sense?) always seem extra long. I definitely feel like today should be Friday- or at least Thursday! Oh well, I am going to take this Wednesday and enjoy every last minute of it. Here are some things I am enjoying today:

1. Naturally occuring Pink Awesomeness

2.These are rad!


3. A DIY painting project even I can handle. Hopefully.

4. A cake with candy in it- now why didn’t I think of that!


5. I need this. Caffeine and Photography together at last!


love and candy,