Statement necklaces that won’t break the bank

By |July 29th, 2013|accessories, clothes|

statement necklace-3

I’m a sucker for a statement necklace. Bracelets? Eh. Earrings? Okay. Big chunky necklace? Yes please ! Unfortunately big necklaces usually mean big price tags. I love J Crew’s latest collection as much as the next girl but I don’t want to drop 100 bucks on a necklace that will be uncool by Fall. So- I was thrilled to find an Etsy shop that sells “knock offs” of some of the latest baubles and bling. I picked up these beauties and can’t wait to sport them!

statement necklace

The knock offs are a lot lighter than the real thing and don’t seem very durable. I would only recommend going this route if you are like me and just want something fun and affordable and won’t be upset if it breaks after a few appearances!

statement necklace-2

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Project 11/52: Dangle DIY Earrings

By |April 16th, 2013|accessories, crafts, DIY|

After my amateur hour earrings I decided to adventure beyond super glue and studs. I picked out these black beads and gold links to make some simple dangles. I also bought a bunch of findings from JoAnne’s and a set of jewelry pliers. Who knew there were so many different kinds of pliers for jewelry making? Not me. I ended up putting little shipping tags on each pair to keep track of what they were for.  I also had no idea how to even properly open a jump ring. Thankfully after a few YouTube videos and lots of practice I got the basics  down. Well, at least enough to make these earrings!
earring findings

gold earring findings

different pliers for jewelry making

Far from perfect- but wearable! I had so much fun coming up with the design and struggling expirementing with the new tools and techniques. There is something very satisfying about learning a new skill, even if it takes a while. Can’t wait to make more!

DIY black and gold dangle earrings

 love and candy,