Label love

By |July 24th, 2013|52 Projects|

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About a month ago Steve decided to quit coffee. Well, the caffeinated kind. To understand the gravity of this decision you have to understand how much coffee we used to drink. We are definitely a pot a day kind of couple. So when he told me he was done I went through a variety of emotions. Shock, admiration, and even sadness that my morning coffee  pot would no longer be waiting for me in the mornings (selfish I know). Fast forward a few weeks and I am adjusted to my non- caffeinated boyfriend and glad that he sleeps better without it. The only issue left was a minor one- instead of using our massive coffee maker, we now had to use a cone and do individual cups of coffee so he could have decaf. I also needed to find labels for our coffee containers. Yep, I am one of those people who refuses to keep things in bags. Instead I have a collection of clear containers that I keep my kitchen basics in. Before the intro of decaf coffee labels were unecessary. I may not be the best in the kitchen but I can tell the difference between sugar and flour without labels :) . Telling the difference between caffeinated and decaf coffee is another story, and an uncaffeinated Lindsay is a scary thing. Soo, I found these Martha Stewart chalk board labels and voila! Coffee for all- and caffeine for me!

love and candy,