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Weekend Round Up: Vegas Edition

By |April 8th, 2013|travel, weekend round up|

This weekend I got to reunite with one of my favorite friends. And no, I don’t just like her because her name is also Lindsay- although that helps. She lives in London so when she told me about a work trip to Vegas I couldn’t say no to meeting up for the weekend. Another one of my besties Nicola flew out on Saturday to join us. Pool parties, dance parties, cafe patron parties, craps parties- we did it all. Oh, and we got hats from a Donatella Versace birthday party. I would tell you how, but what happens in Vegas…




Clearly we had a terrible time.

love and candy,


Vegas: according to my iPhone

By |February 1st, 2012|Uncategorized|

I didn’t bring my camera to Las Vegas (which was probably a smart move based on the numerous cocktails that were consumed!) but managed to capture some fun stuff on my iPhone!


Road trip! The boy not only drove but also packed all sorts of yummy road snacks and stopped to pick me up some mid trip Mexican food. I’m a lucky girl!


We stayed at the Trump which we booked through Expedia as a Mystery 5 star hotel. It was a great hotel but the service was pretty slow- not sure if it was just because it is the off season or what. We hit up DJT restaurant on Saturday night and had a tasty steak dinner. Things got even more exciting when the cops came running through the restaurant chasing someone from off the strip. They proceeded to tackle and arrest him all in front of the unsuspecting diners- only on Vegas!


Friday night we saw Aoki at Surrender. He sprayed champagne on the crowd and crowd surfed in a canoe. Rad.


Saturday might we saw Afrojack perform at XS.

It was an awesome trip!

Love and candy,

Retail therapy

By |January 11th, 2012|clothes|

I did a little retail therapy to get me through my midweek blues.


I bought this dress for the weekend. Based on the level of sequins that means I’m going:

A) Ice skating
B) Back in time to New Year’s Eve
C) Las Vegas
D) Liza Minnelli concert

Take a guess :)


I also got these bright belts to throw in the mix. Outfit pics to come!

Love and Candy,