Barney’s Warehouse Sale

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Once or twice a year the Barney’s Warehouse sale comes to the Los Angeles Convention Center. As much as I try to resist, every year I find myself foraging through racks and boxes of designer garbs looking for a diamond designer in the rough.


If you have ever been to one of these sales you know what I mean.. it’s like shopping for a Maserati at an impound lot. The fashion gems are there, but you have to work hard (and possibly throw some elbows) to find them.

There is also something that just feels wrong about pulling a couture gown out of cardboard box or watching people fight over a pair of manolo blahniks with bright red “SALE” stickers on the sole.  It takes some of the mystique out of buying designer clothes when you are doing so in a Costco-like warehouse setting. However, love of fashion makes you do some crazy things.. so I pulled up my sleeves, paid 12 bucks for parking, and headed in.

It takes dedication and a lot of caffeine to make your way through all of the racks. For the most part it’s easy to see why a lot of the items made it to the factory sale… even designers get it wrong sometimes. I found lots of feathered, frayed and jeweled garments that looked more drag queen than fashionista. When I did come across something cute often they were in size zero (I wish) or size five hundred (no thanks).

Last year I managed to find a cute purple Diane Von Furstenberg tunic dress with ¾ sleeves that will be great for the Los Angeles version of Fall/Winter.  It was originally $345 and I got it for $100 and change. Deal!  I also found  a pair of black peep toed Christian Louboutins hidden amongst last season’s cowboy  boots.

IMG_2829               IMG_2830      IMG_2831

This year I didn’t make out as well, but I did find a great pair of Made & Crafted Levis Chalk white skinny jeans. They are super comfortable and fit just right.

“Saving money” is fun!

Love and Candy,