Me Undies Review

By |March 6th, 2013|clothes, reviews|

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love getting “fun” mail. Fun mail meaning clothes, letters, invites or anything that breaks the monotony of the bills and junk mail that usually fill our mailboxes. That’s one reason why monthly subscription clubs are such a big hit- it’s exciting to know that you have something “fun” coming in on a regular basis!

Me Undies Logo

I recently received a “fun” package from ¬†MeUndies, a subscription mail club for underwear. The package included three pairs of undies. The different colors and cuts were super cute and also very comfy! Bonus? If you subscribe monthly you get 20% off. Check plus.

Me Undies bag with contents

Me Undies-3

If you love fun underwear or just dread having to go to a store to shop for it, then  this is the subscription for you!

love and candy,