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So  I’ve realized that I have major planxiety- as in anxiety about planning. Which is strange because one would think that planning reduces anxiety, but in my case I get so anxious about planning things that it’s counterproductive. I sit and think about things too much and write too many lists. Sometimes I plan so much that things never get done. If the weekend is approaching and I don’t have my weekend planned out then I can’t relax. If Steve takes too long to get back to me on what we are cooking for dinner- I’m planxious. It also doesn’t help that Steve is not naturally a planner. He is a sweetheart and tries to plan things because he knows of my “condition”, but if he had his way we would just go with the flow and things would somehow work out.

I’m sure there is a balance and I know there are definitely good things to plan- like when to start a family or career paths. But I think with the small things life would be easier, and more productive, if I just did. Are you an ultra planner? Any tips for controlling your need for order and planning? I’m taking notes!

love and candy,