Old and New Favorites: The Body Shop

By |February 27th, 2013|reviews|

You know the saying “make new friends but keep the old”? I think the same wisdom applies to skin and make up products. Every girl has her go to items, but if you don’t try new products then you may miss out on something awesome. So when I went to The Body Shop in the Denver Airport (flight delay= great excuse to shop) and found out they were having a BOGO sale, I decided to “make new friends”.


1. Aloe Face Wash, $16.00   2. Camomile Make-Up Remover, $15.00  3. Aloe Lip Care, $9.50   4. Vitamin E Cream, $21.00


The old friend in this equation is the Camomile eye make up remover. This stuff is liquid gold when it comes to removing even the most resilient eyeliner without the oily residue or harshness like some other removers. I love this stuff and haven’t found another product that even closely compares. Also, it comes in a large bottle that will last you around a year for just 15 bucks! Win.

Now on to the new friends. I have sensitive skin that at the time of purchase was  destroyed from the cold and wind, so I bought all moisturizing products. The face wash is okay, it foams nicely and is gentle, but I don’t love the smell and think good old Cetaphil works just as well for the price.  The Vitamin E cream was great on my chapped skin but is definitely a very heavy moisturizer and probably too much for daily use- especially in California. The Aloe lip care on the other hand is a keeper! I am a lip balm fiend and this has skyrocketed to the top of my list. It provides a ton of moisture, no stickiness, and has a nice medium gloss look. I definitely recommend it.

Have you discovered any stellar new skin care products lately?

love and candy,