Neon Purses

By |August 27th, 2012|accessories, clothes, Uncategorized|

I love a good neon anything. Unfortunately, it’s no longer the 80’s. Fortunately, neon is “in”. The trick is to find a happy balance between radical and boring and the easiest way to rock the neon look is through accessories. Here are some of my favorite neon purses from around the web.


 Bottom $32.90, Alloy, Center $74, Melie Bianco on Karma Loop, Top $55, Urban Expressions at Karma Loop via  SoyonanTop Right $78.00 Steve Madden, Bottom Right $996.00 Balenciaga.
Green is one of the most diverse neon colors and I love every inch of this Balenciaga bag. Of course at just under $1,000.00 it’s a big splurge for neon-ness. This Steve Madden bag fits a similar need at just under $100.00. Sold.