DIY: Quick and Easy Color

By |January 17th, 2012|DIY|

Every few months I get the itch for some new color in my bedroom. I look for small ways to make a big difference- adding bright accent pieces, candles, or even colorful knobs. Recently I was at JoAnn’s fabric and found an amazing red canvas print that I wanted in my room. I came up with two small and easy DIY ways to incorporate it:

1. The No-longer-bare-chair:

I have a plain leather/wood chair that matches my desk. Like most cushioned chairs, the seat screws into the chair legs. All it took was a screwdriver and some muscle to take the seat off. I kept the leather on under the canvas so I can always go back to it. Then I simply measured and cut the material and stapled it on below the seat where it is covered by wood so you can’t see it. I thought about doing the top but thought it might be a little busy. I like the plain black contrasting with the modern pattern.

2.  The Cork Board Cover:

I bought a plain cork/bulletin board from Staples. I planned on taking the back out and stapling the fabric on but the one I bought was built in one piece making it impossible. So instead I cut a precise piece of cloth and used fabric glue to adhere the material. Caution: this worked well because I was using a thick canvas cloth- if you use something thin the glue may show through, so be careful.

There you have it, two super easy, quick, inexpensive,and fun ways to incorporate some color in your room!

Love and Candy,