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One of the best traveling tips I’ve picked up on is to wriw things down things during your trip. As soon as you get home life takes over and before you know it you forget all the fun details of your adventures. Over the years I’ve tried different sizes and shapes of travel journals but I never consistently used them. Part of the issue is when I’m running around a city I don’t want to lug around a separate journal, and it takes a lot of time to sit down and record everything. Even when I did consistently journal,  when I got home I was left with a partially filled out notebook laying around that I didn’t know what to do with it.

A couple years ago I decided that instead of taking a separate book- why not utilize what I already had with me- travel guides! Not everyone likes to use guide books, but I love researching and if you get nice ones they make a good keepsake afterwards. By putting my notes directly in the guide book, not only do I consolidate all the info into one easy to carry book, but I also get a lot of good reference photos and info to go along with it. All of my personal experiences are contextualized by the history and culture presented in the book.

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On the pages where it talks about the food, I can jot down my thoughts on specific dishes. On a page about a museum I can jot what I thought about it or a story about my experience.  If I visit a restaurant mentioned in the book I can give my own review next to the info. Then the books are mine to reflect back on, or loan to friends who are traveling. Instead of a verbal recommendation they can read all about my personal experiences in the book! I also love the idea that someday my kids can take these books with them on their own adventures and see how much has changed and compare their experiences to mine!

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