Resolved. May

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May is a solid month. Some months rock because they contain big holidays, but May is just awesome on it’s own. The weather is warm but not too warm. Summer is on the brain but Spring is in the air. The year is in full swing, but still more than half way full. Yep, I like you May. And I like these resolutions I came up with too.

This month it’s yes to sleeping eight hours a night, and no to eating out. I know sleep is important but despite our best efforts it always ends up at the bottom of the totem poll of priorities, and I always end up sleep deprived.  Zombie mornings are no bueno. So this month I’m going to focus on getting some solid shut eye and see how that feels. I’ve got high hopes of waking up bright eyed and ready to conquer the day- but I’ll believe it when/if I see it!  Then there is the no eating out portion of the resolution. Steve and I love to eat out together, and rely on it as a back up plan when we are too lazy busy to cook. This one will be a real challenge,  but that’s what resolutions are about. Goodbye take out and hello to home cooked meals. But don’t worry about me too much- if all else fails, I have instant Mac n Cheese on hand!

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Resolved: April

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March was kind of a doozy because I was gone half of the month! I did stick to the no soda resolution 100%- go me! But the stretching… yeah. That didn’t really pan out. Turns out that fifteen minutes is a loong time to stretch! But no excuses,  I flat out failed to stretch for most of the second half of the month. But on to the next!


This month it’s yes to a beauty regime and no to shopping (eek). When I say beauty regime I really just mean taking care of my skin and coming up with some sort of daily routine. I’ve been pretty lucky that my skin up to now has been low maintenance, but those oh-so-fun wrinkles are starting to creep in. So I’ll be doing some research, and trying out some new face products to see if I can’t delay that a little longer.

Then there’s the no shopping part. That’s gonna be a toughie- but that’s what resolutions are about right? I have to admit I love online shopping and I tend to buy things on the fly. Hopefully by taking a month off I will be more mindful about spending and really think through what I need or want instead of buying things on a whim. I also really need to do a closet spring clean before I buy any more clothes- this could be a good time to do it!

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Resolved. March

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March is here and so are my March resolutions! This month it’s bye bye to soda and hello to daily stretching. I don’t drink a ton of soda but I know how bad it is so I’m excited to cut it out. With the running this month I have a new appreciation for stretching. I am going to do fifteen minutes of stretching a day.


I’m giving myself an “A” for February resolutions. I didn’t eat fried food- not even a single little french frie! Yep, that was a rough one. Thankfully February is a short month! I stuck to my mile a day resolution, except for that one day when my niece was born. I’m gonna go ahead and call that a valid excuse! I started out running each day but by week two I was having some joint pain so every few days I would walk instead. By the end of the month I absolutely could tell a difference in my stamina. I can actually run a mile and not be gasping for air at the end! A small victory, but I’ll take it!.Unfortunately, I didn’t fall in love with  running like I was hoping to I would. It was definitely a chore most days that I had to force myself to do. But I did feel good after running. I’m not ready to sign up for a marathon but I’m going to try and incorporate running into my exercise routine. Not everyday- but maybe weekly!

Happy March friends!

love and candy,