Resolved February

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The February resolution list has arrived! This month it’s no to fried food and yes to running a mile a day. I don’t eat a lot of fried foods but let’s just say I’m known for my motto “Fries save Lives”. No french fries::  sigh :: at least it’s a short month! As far as running goes, well it usually doesn’t. I can barely eek out a mile before I am doubled over. Embarrassing, I know. A lot of people do the mile a day thing between Thanksgiving and New Years and I have been wanting to try it but never got up the courage. So here I am, a little late to the game but up to the challenge. Three days in and feeling good about it. I won’t lie and say I love it but I’m still hoping that one of these runs I will get that runner high and suddenly be hooked on running. Fingers crossed!

love and candy,


January in Review

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January-Resolved  And just like that the first month of 2014 is OVER. What?! Not sure if it’s because I’m getting old or because time flies when you are having fun- and working a lot– but man the months have never gone by faster. Things around here have been super busy. Between the engagement and work and preparing for my niece’s arrival I feel like I have barely had a spare moment to myself! I also have slacked a little on the blogging, but I pinky promise to improve.

As far as January resolutions go, I’m giving myself a “B”. No plus on there. Just a solid B. I started off strong but who can blame a girl for eating candy at her engagement party? Hello, necessary. And yes, maybe I ate a few peanut butter M&Ms while helping my sister decorate the nursery but come on, they were mini packs so they barely count. I was good on the vitamins save a few days when I was out of town and didn’t plan ahead to pack any. Even though I gave in on those two occasions, I did learn that I don’t need candy- just really really really enjoy it. I’m not going to continue my ban but I will definitely be more thoughtful about the amount and frequency of my intake. Maybe swapping a gummy bear out for a gummy vitamin or two :)  Hope you had an an amazing January as well. How are your resolutions going?

Bring it on February!

love and candy,


PS- I was tempted to write Juanuary- anyway else watching the bachelor?!


resolved twentyfourteen

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Last year I kept it relatively simple with the resolutions- I wrote down a few things and resolved to do them. The results were pretty good- I blogged almost every day, learned some illustrator skills, and did well with my instagram daily project. We got through a good portion of our 13 in 13 list, but like the year before the documentation was iffy. Overall, I’d put me in the B+ range. I started out strong like everyone does but by midyear it was either a habit or it wasn’t happening. I learned that if somethings not new and fresh in my mind- it doesn’t get done!

So for 2014 I am trying something different. Instead of a New YEARS resolution, I’m going monthly. Each month I will come up with something to say YES to, and something to say NO to. This could be food, activities, attitudes- whatever fits right that month. Once the month is over I can evaluate how it affected me and see if some of the new habits are worth holding on to. Hopefully this fresh focus each month will help me stay on track and continue to positively effect my life throughout the year. Here’s to a great year- and hopefully surviving a whole month without candy…. gulp.

love and vitamins (?!),