Project 9/52: Upcycled Wine Bottles

By |March 28th, 2013|52 Projects, crafts, DIY|

On Sunday Shawna and I decided to try our hand at upcycling wine bottles. There are so many different ways you can transform the bottles that we were a little overwhelmed at first. To help us decide what to do, we used one bottle as a guinea pig.  We stamped, embossed, sharpied, puffy painted, etched, and taped it to try out different techniques until we found what we were looking for.

wine bottle design

I decided to experiment with glass etching on my bottle. It was a little scary because the etching cream is toxic and I didn’t have any gloves or protective glasses. Thankfully, I made it through without injury! The process itself was simple- I put stickers in place and then liberally covered the area I wanted etched with the Armour Etch.  I left the cream on for about 7 minutes to get a nice deep etch, then rinsed it off and voila- the glass is permanently etched! It was suprisingly easy and I love the effect- expect to see some more etching on the blog in the very near future!
wine bottle sticker etching

wine bottle with armour etch

DIY wine bottle etching

After the etching, we used good old painters tape and acrylic paints to add some color to our bottles. wine bottle painting and etching

Shawna made an adorable Save the Date bottle and I went with a classic “Cheers”! Thanks for the idea and fun project Shawna!

Finished wine bottle with wedding date

finished etched wine bottle

 love and candy,