A Healthy(ish) Treat

By |February 22nd, 2012|candy, Uncategorized|

I usually stick to a relatively healthy diet, but I need to have candy and sweets every day. So to help myself feel better about my addiction I am always on the look out for a good “healthy”candy substitute to satisfy my sweet tooth.

When I saw “Simply Fruit Twists” from General Mills I had to get them. They look just like licorice but they are 90% fruit instead of 90% refined sugar. So I grabbed a box and immediately (as in on my way from the store to the car) dug in.

Simply Fruit Treat Box

Each stick has 60 calories in it- the equivalent of three red vines.

My first thought was that these things are small! They come individually wrapped which is nice for snacking- but ONE piece of licorice? Please! I would need a box, at least, to satisfy my craving.

Once I started snacking, my first thought was that the texture was a little too grainy in my opinion- you definitely knew you were chewing on fruit. The flavor was good, but once again, it basically tasted like a fruit leather but rolled up. Not sure if this will replace my red vines but- its a fun way to get in a whole serving of fruit!

Tip: They are also super sticky- so keep them in the wrapper while noshing!

Love and Candy,