A Stagecoach Beginners Guide

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Stagecoach Wristbands

It’s stagecoach time! Heck yes. This is another one of my favorite weekends of the year.  You may assume that by reading the Coachella guide you are set for Stagecoach, but then you would be wrong. Yes, there are similarities. They are both at the same location in Indio so weather warnings and hydration rules are still on- but there are some key differences you should be aware of.


1.       First and arguably most impressively- you can take your beers OUT of the beer gardens at Stagecoach and wander around. This is awesome. This is American.

2.       Stagecoach is basically a giant tailgate. Unlike at Coachella, there is very little moshing or rushing the stage going on. Bring a blanket, claim some land, and relax in between sets. It’s nice to have some breathing room, but people can be a little territorial. This isn’t the wild west folks, and yes, I am allowed to stand up at a concert, even if I’m blocking your view.


3.       Compared to Coachella Stagecoach is also quite a bit smaller. There are only 3 stages, and a lot fewer acts. The downside is you obviously see fewer bands and the ones you do see are guaranteed to have large crowds. The upside is you don’t have to stress as much about who to see. The headliners don’t interfere with anyone else so you avoid some of those tough decisions.

4.       Wardrobe. Think less  Boho chic and more well- country. This one is pretty easy. Whip out your boots, your jean everything, and maybe a cowboy hat if you’re feeling particularly kitschy. Avoid white because it will get filthy, and make sure you are comfortable whether you are lounging on the ground or dancing your boots off. And like at Coachella either wear closed toe shoes or be okay with having black feet.


And there ya’ll have it. Can’t wait for another epic weekend!

Leaving Stagecoach

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