Flying solo. Abroad.

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In London I had a few days on my own while mi amiga was working. It was my first time doing the whole solo tourist thing and I loved parts of it, and hated others. I for sure learned some things about myself along the way. Here are a few of my thoughts on the pros and cons of a tourist party of one:

Pro: Stopping as many times as you want for coffee or dessert without getting judged

Con: Eating way too much of said dessert because there’s no one to share with

Pro: Spending as much or as little time at a museum exhibit as you want

Con:  Not having anyone to discuss how amazing or not a museum exhibit was

Pro: Freedom to make and change your plans as often as you like

Con: Asking strangers for directions because you are spatially challenged and alone

Pro: Seeing everything you want to see

Con: Mastering the selfie to prove you saw it (i.e. above photo)

Pro: Enjoying a pint at a local pub all on your own and feeling very liberated.

Con: Enjoying a pint at a local pub all on your own and feeling very alcoholic.

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Weekend round up: NOLA edition

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my weekend in iphone snaps

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Travel tip: planning with google drive

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Planning a trip is a ton of work, but it can also be a lot of fun! The more organized you are the less painful the process. One of the best tools I’ve discovered for planning travel is Google drive. Steve and I used it to plan our Peru trip and it made things so easy. I used it again for Morocco and I’m officially convinced it’s the best way to go. Just start with an excel sheet and share it on Google drive with each person involved in planning. Everyone can add notes, ideas, and details to the same master document. It’s a great tool for before, during and after your trip!


1.       Before:  one of the toughest parts of planning with people- especially remotely- is keeping track of all the info. E-mail trains get long and painful. With a shared document you can have different tabs for different items- itineraries, ideas, expenses. Track everything in one place, and hyperlink to websites to share with friends. Once you have a formalized itinerary you can invite your family to share the document so they know where you will be during each stage of your trip  in case of emergencies.

2.       During: print out your itinerary and you now have all of your important details in one master document. No more carrying around fifty confirmation emails or praying you have internet access in remote places.

3.       After: this sheet also serves as a detailed record of your trip. When an old friend wants to know where you were in that awesome facebook photo, you can just shoot them the document. Or if your like me and don’t get around to scrapbooking your trip until a year later- it’s an easy reference!

Do you have any stellar travel tips to share?

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