now that was a wedding

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Over Labor Day weekend I had the honor of standing by one of my besties sides as she became a wifey! It was truly an amazing wedding. Fairy tale style. Everything was perfect- the flowers, the vows, the food, the band, and of course the dance party. Any reception that ends with jump rope and limbo using tied together ties is a hit in my books. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t have any documentation of that part of the evening. Cheers to the newlyweds. You are a perfect pair and I know this is just the beginning of your fairytale!

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And thanks random kid for forgetting your monster trucks next to my champagne. It gave me a good laugh.

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Wedding Wednesday: the send off

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Yes, I’m aware it’s not actually Wednesday anymore but shhh let’s pretend it is because I’m totally in the wedding planning zone tonight.  This week my wedding research was all about the grand exit. I love a big send off at the end of the night-the grander the better! Not only is it a special moment for everyone to send the couple off into newlywed bliss, but the photos always rock. When it comes to send offs my favorite prop is by far the sparkler. So romantic and all around magical. Soo you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that my wedding venue doesn’t allow for them! I know, so tragic. BUT instead of rolling over in no grand sparkly exit defeat, I decided to look for other options. While I admit that they don’t quite live up to my sparkler hype, I did find some great alternatives.  Check ‘em out!

Best wedding send offs

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Any other great send off ideas I missed?

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Wedding Wednesdays>> Unveiled

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So I’ve been debating the whole veil thing. I love the drama and tradition that veils offer, but they can also be a hassle. If it’s a short veil you have the risk of it blowing in your face during the ceremony (totally witnessed this) and if it’s long- hello tripping hazard! At least those are the things calamity prone souls like myself have to consider.   Which is why I’ve been eyeing some other head wear ideas. I’m not hating on veils, just checking out the options. And when it comes to options headbands are a great way to go. You still have something special to wear but without the hassle of carrying excess fabric on your head. Or there’s the option of wearing a veil for the ceremony and then switching into one of these stunners for the after party. A little extra bling never hurt anyone.  So here are some gorgeous ideas to dress up your ‘do if a veil is a don’t.

your title here


<<from top left>>

1. simple & sweet

2. greek goddess

3. au natural

4. retro chic

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