A Coachella Beginner’s Guide

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Oh hey Coachella weekend, when did you get here? One of my favorite weekends of the year is upon us- and I couldn’t be more excited. I have a few friends who are going for their first time and  all of them had similar questions. I figured it might be useful to throw together a little “Beginners Guide” to Coachella 2013.

For you first timers out there, here are a couple of tips! For you Vets- feel free to comment with your own tips!

What to wear

Here is a repost of last years Coachella basics-


Wear something comfortable for sitting on the grass, dancing and lots of walking. Also keep in mind its hot during the day but cools down a lot at night. A light sweater may seem outrageous when you are heading into the concert, but you will be thankful for it when you are leaving! Sunscreen/sunglasses are a must.

What to see

Click here for a good round up of some of the most anticipated shows

Click here  for a good round up of some more obscure yet equally awesome performances.

What to do

Hydrate! There are water fill stations available so bring a bottle to refill, or buy one there. You can also turn in ten empty plastic bottles for a fresh cold one.

Plan. There are so many great acts to see that if you don’t plan your day out you may miss something. The Coachella app (free) is great for this.  If two performances overlap don’t panic, you can do both! It’s also a good idea to plan on a meeting spot. Cell phones die, reception is poor, and inevitable someone gets separated from the group. The Ferris wheel is always a good meeting point- kind of hard to miss.

Wander. I know I just said to plan out your day, but I also highly encourage “wandering” around and listening to random acts. Some of my favorite shows were ones that I stopped by in between those I had planned. It’s a great opportunity to check out some new music and see what you think.

 ENJOY. This is the easy and most important part!

love and candy,