Vines and Vino

By |July 11th, 2013|Photography, travel, Us, weekend round up|

My birthday was spent in Temecula and was just PERFECT! More details on the weekend later but wanted to share some wine tasting photos from our trip. The weekend proved once again how well Steve knows me and how much he cares. I feel so incredibly blessed to have someone in my life like him. Someone who loves me and knows me well enough to silently hand me candy when I’m getting grumpy. Yup, that’s love! Thankfully grumpy Lindsay was nowhere insight this weekend, too much birthday fun to be had! Now I just want to open a winery. Who’s with me?

birthday wine tasting-8

birthday wine tasting-7

birthday wine tasting-9

birthday wine tasting-11

birthday wine tasting-5

birthday wine tasting-6

birthday wine tasting-13

birthday wine tasting-14

birthday wine tasting-10

birthday wine tasting

birthday wine tasting-16

birthday wine tasting-15

birthday wine tasting-4

birthday wine tasting-3

birthday wine tasting-2

love and candy,



Oh hi, Ojai

By |January 2nd, 2012|travel|

After Christmas, the boy and I rendezvoused to Ojai for a little R&R. Holiday festivities can be oh so exhausting! We stayed at the Rancho Inn which was super funky and awesome. We had our own little cabin complete with a hot tub! Good times.

Love and Candy,