I ran the race of my life, and I’m here to tell you about it! Okay, so before you get too excited, it was only a 5k, but for a lifelong non-runner asthmatic like moi, it was kind of a big deal :). It all began when a fellow non-runner friend of mine came up with the brilliant idea of doing a color run. I looked at the photos of people covered in neon chalk and dancing and thought hey even I can handle that.  So I went for it. It was super easy to sign up for something months away, and the panic didn’t set in until about a month before the race. I realized that a) I hadn’t run in six + months, and b) I had never ran over three miles before. AND our little non-runner group of friends expanded to include some of our marathon running amigas. As in one of the girls on our team ran the Boston Marathon. Twice!

Suddenly our little color run seemed pretty daunting, and I set out to “train”. Steve was super supportive and went on a few runs jogs with me. He patiently walked with me when I ran out of breath and listened to me blabber on about my “race” that was only a few miles long. Running never got easy and I still have yet to experience the alleged “runners high”, but I got through it. And when I ran through the finish line with my girls I felt really good. Good that I had signed up for something that scared me, and stuck with it. Good that I ran a 5k and no longer let asthma other excuses stand in the way. Good that I had such an amazing and supportive group of friends and fiancee to help me get there. And good that I had some ridiculous photos to document the hilarity of it all:


And for the record there was one piece of running I did like and was super good at- carbo loading. Yup, nailed it.

love and candy,