“Mean green” is the endearing name my boyfriend came up with for my favorite juicing recipe. My mom is super into juicing (and all things healthy) and I got on board after trying some of her quirky yet tasty juices. This is a great way to get your vegetables in! And don’t be scared by the color- it tastes delicious, I promise!

Mean Green:

1 Head of Celery 

1/2 Head of Kale

Two Large Fuji Apples

One Lemon

Juice Preperation

Once you gather your ingredients you gotta do some cleaning and chopping.

The great thing about the juicer I have  is that it can handle seeds and rinds, so the prep time is minimal. Just make sure your juicer is also as resilient before you try this out or it could be an expensive mistake! Then start juicing.


Love and Candy,