tiffany charm bracelet tiffany charm bracelet initial

For Christmas I got this beautiful Tiffany charm bracelet from Steve. I had asked for a charm bracelet because I wanted to use it as a keepsake- something that I could add on to over the years to remind me of significant events.   A few weeks later we were traveling in Peru and I was able to pick out my first charm!  Charms make the perfect souvenir because they are small and easy to transport, you can wear them, and they can be meaningful reminders of adventures past. I chose this cute Alpaca charm to commemorate our time in Peru.
tiffany charm bracelet DIY

To attach it to the charm bracelet I needed jump rings. I tried to buy them from a local jeweler  but couldn’t find the right size rings to blend in with the bracelet. I knew that Tiffany’s sold additional charms so I called and asked if they sold jump rings seperately- which they thankfully did! They were only $15 each which for Tiffany’s sounded like a steal. I bought a few extra so I won’t have to order each time I want to add a charm. Shipping was free and they showed up two days later. Hooray for awesome customer service!
tiffany charm bracelet jump ring DIY tiffany charm bracelet DIY tiffany charm bracelet with added charm I can’t wait to add more charms through the years and be reminded of all of life’s adventures.

love and candy,